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1.This full spectrum lighting provides a natural daylight effect for your aquarium.
2.The Led bulbs in different color simulate the spectrum of sunlight, ideal for plants / coral.
3.Furthermore, the colorful bulbs and the warm white can also extinguish the blue tone of common white Led bulbs, making the environment of the fish tank more comfortable for your beautiful little creature.

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1. Low weight, long life.
2. Ultra-thin design that saves space.
3. Over 50000 hours lifetime of LED chips.
4. For marine organisms, coral and aquaculture.
5. The luminaire body was made of PVC plastic and covered with ABS.
6. Fit for 60-120CM tank, with extendable strap. that can stretch 10-15cm each side.
1. 30cm For 30-45cm Aquarium 6W
2. 40cm For 40-55cm Aquarium 12W
3. 60cm For 60-75cm Aquarium 18W
4. 90cm For 90-120cm Aquarium 25W
Height: 2.2cm
Wide: 13cm
2 Modes: Mode1: Blue Light, Mode2: 5 Color ( White+Blue+Pink+Green+Red )
Package Included:
1 x  LED Light

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