Not all dogs like to ride with you in the car. Riding your dog in the car can be a frustrating or enjoyable experience for you. It will depend on the behavior of your dog. You should train your dog to behave when you ride with them in the car. It can take time and patience. But, it will improve your journeying experience with your dog later.

Training Tips for Riding Your Dog in the Car

  • Book a Consultation with Your Vet. Before taking your dog on a long trip, you should book a consultation with your vet first. Consult your dog’s behavior with your vet. Do this a few weeks before your vacation with your dog.
  • Keep the Fresh Air Coming. It’s best to keep the back car’s window open for a little when vacationing with your dog. Keeping the fresh air coming throughout the trip can make your dog happy and comfortable. It can also keep a calm behavior in your pet during travel.
  • Prevent Motion Sickness. Motion sickness is the biggest problem you can get your dog into during a long trip. You should train your dog to avoid motion sickness when possible. Gradual introduction to the car and exercising can prevent your pet from having motion sickness during vacation.
  • Exercise Plan to Keep Your Dog’s Anxiety Low. Exercising for your dog can help increase his stamina during the trip. Regular exercises for your pet can help lower their anxiety level to prepare for the next trip. It will, in turn, help your dog with coping against motion sickness and anxiety during the long vacation with you.
  • Strap the Dog Securely During the Trip. It’s best to use the dog seat cover for the back seat of your car during your journey. It can help keep your dog calm in place and prevent any nausea. You can also prevent your pet from making unnecessary movements in the car. It will help keep your focus on your driving.
  • Gradual Introduction to the Car. You should introduce your dog to the car if he is not familiar with the car yet. Any unfamiliarity with the vehicle might make your dog feel scared during the trip with you. Make a trip with your dog for 10 minutes at first. Then, you can gradually add more time to your vacation with your dog.
  • Give Some Rewards for Good Behaviors. Your dog will love to get some rewards for the good behavior. Give your dog some rewards when they act well during the trip. It will motivate your pet to take more vacations with you in the car.

Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Learning Too Fast. Your dog needs time to learn about taking a long trip with you. Don’t push your dog too hard when your dog can’t adapt to your car environment immediately. Give your dog time to learn about their adaptation to your car’s back seat area.
  • You Don’t Acknowledge Your Dog’s Mood. Every dog can be moody sometimes. Understanding your dog’s mood will help you give the best training for your dog. Put your dog into a good mood before taking them on a car vacation.
  • You are Not Rewarding Your Dog. Have you forgotten to reward your dog for their behavior in the car? Don’t be! Your dog needs some stimulus to keep them motivated to journey with you. Give your dog some treats if they are happy with the trip.
  • You are Not Making Your Dog Comfortable. Finding a way to comfort your dog during the trip will ease their stress. It also helps deal with your dog’s motion sickness problem throughout the journey. Putting your dog in a comfortable back seat can also help your dog to sleep tight during the trip.

Using the Dog Car Seat Cover

A dog car seat cover can help make your dog feel comfortable during the vacation journey with you. It is worth purchasing for your car if you plan on journeying with your dog soon. Choose the best dog car back seat to ensure the highest product quality you can use for a long time.

Choosing the Best Car Back Seat Cover

  • Get the Back Seat Fitted for Your Dog. Your dog’s body size will determine the car back seat cover you will use for your dog. Make sure that the size fits well with your dog’s size. It will make it easier for your dog to feel comfortable with it during the journey.
  • Chew and Water Resistance. Dogs love to chew and piss on the car seat. Choose the dog car seat cover with chew and water resistance. It can save you a lot of trouble when cleaning the dog seat later. You also don’t need to replace the seat cover too often.
  • Comfortable Seating. Give comfort to your dog throughout the trip by providing comfortable seating. Let your dog feel comfortable when on vacation with you. Plushy and comfortable seating will be an excellent pick for a dog car back seat.
  • Protection Features. Don’t forget the protection features of the dog seat cover you purchase. Your dog needs to go through the journey safely while sitting in the back seat of your car. The dog seat cover should also have sturdy materials that can withstand damage and daily wear and tear.
  • Easy Installation. Can you easily install the dog seat cover on your car? Pick the one that provides an easy installation. So you can use the back seat cover right away.


Sometimes, it’s not easy for you to take your dog on vacation with a car. Training your dog with the right back seat cover can help boost your dog’s behavior during the journey. It will help calm your dog and keep him seated for hours.

Aside from that, it’s best to follow the training tips for riding your dog and avoid the mistakes when training your dog. Soon, your dog will become more accustomed to journeying with you on vacation.

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